# May 2015
Growing Sideways: From Interview to Conversation


Conversations is a series of online distributed dialogues and interviews. The first collection of Conversations marks that art theorist Mathias Danbolt joined FRANK in 2015, a queer feminist platform run by Liv Bugge and Sille Storihle since 2012.

In 2013, a Norwegian arts magazine invited FRANK to interview Danbolt about his PhD dissertation Touching History: Art, Performance, and Politics in Queer Times. The interview quickly turned into a conversation – one that continued beyond the pages of the magazine. With Conversations FRANK seeks to create a structure for instigating new dialogues of this kind – dialogues that unfold across and between different aesthetic, theoretical, historical, and political positions.

Conversations continues FRANK’s long-term work on creating new platforms for exchanges and discussions on the politics of art, gender, sexuality, and racialization. The conversations published here builds a bridge between Danbolt’s project Trikster–Nordic Queer Journal (2008-2010) and FRANK, by presenting a selection of his previous interviews, alongside unpublished and new dialogues. Trikster was an early inspiration to FRANK, with its aspiration to nurture a critical discourse on queer feminist art and politics. Now this aspiration has found a new framework, in the form of Conversations.

The Eccentric Archive :
An Interview with Judith Halberstam

Front Room – Back Room :
An Interview with Douglas Crimp

Dismantling the Serious Machine
An Interview with Gavin Butt

In the Hands of the Social
An Interview with Judith Butler

The Chronic :
A Conversation between Renate Lorenz,
Elizabeth Freeman & Mathias Danbolt

Fragments of Failure :
A Conversation between
Ester Fleckner & Mathias Danbolt


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