Mar 08 — Apr 14 2013
UKS, Oslo



A group show with works by Serina Erfjord, Klara Lidén, Sidsel Paaske, Tove Pedersen, Roee Rosen and Martin Skauen.

The exhibition takes "Possessions" as starting point to address the complexities of the term: as an act of taking control, claiming ownership, and a state of being possessed by demons and emotions. The selection of artworks evokes ambiguities of gender, desires and complex power relations, to allow for contradictions and collisions of the past and present to surface. It presents various explorations of the operations of power, identity construction and dominant ideologies, confronting solidified modes of thought that oppress the possibilities of ambiguity and paradox.
Klara Lidén's video work, The Myth of Progress, functions as an allegory of the show as a whole, questioning the understanding of Western advancements. In it, the artist glides backwards through a cityscape, moving at her own pace as the world around her continues its course. Roee Rosen's Out (Tse) is another central work. It presents a possession episode in which Israeli right-wing ideology is internalized within the body of a woman and exorcized through a domination / submission scene. The complexities of possessions are extended to erotic tapestry from the 70s, a drawing of a mother and child, a symbolic sculpture, a found object and an intervention in the watchtower.




Den rastløse kampen
Kunstkritikk, Mar 2013