Sep 04, 2014
Club: Maksitaksi, Oslo


Harder Better Stronger Faster 

The Norwegian feminist magazine Fett celebrated its 10-year anniversary and FRANK contributed to the celebration by inviting the Swedish artist-architect collective MYCKET to Oslo.

Wednesday 6pm: Sep 03, 2014
Main Auditorium at The Oslo Art Academy
Fossveien 24, Oslo

Academy Lecture:
MYCKET and FRANK in conversation

As a part of the Academy Lecture series MYCKET and FRANK came together for a conversational lecture about patriarchal walls, Trojan Horses and the body politics of The Club Scene.

Thursday 10pm: Sep 04 2014 

Maksitaksi Pilestredet 25, Oslo

The Club Scene Act 6:

Harder Better Faster Stronger

FRANK joined forces with MYCKET and the local Oslo scene to resurrect the legendary lesbian club Potpurriet “Potta” from the 90s. The rap-duo KUUK performed, together with Ingebling and Malin from the DJ collective Too Many Girls. The time travel was accompanied with footage from the topless boxing performance arranged by artist Linn Cecilie Ulvin at “Potta” in 1998.


MYCKET is a collaboration between designer Mariana Alves, and the architects and artists Katarina Bonnevier and Thérèse Kristiansson. Together they seek to research and transform how aesthetic expressions effect human activities from intersectional perspectives, such as anti-racist and queer-feminist, a practice informed by the theatrical, the carnivalesque and the activist. With the project The Club Scene, they seek to expand the formal field used to generate and present architectural knowledge through a series of re-enactments of more or less recent historical queer club scenes. The motive behind The Club Scene is the challenge and investigation of critical fiction; the endeavor to work with, to wear, tear and tweak the strange border control where fiction gets separated from reality, suggestions from analysis.