Wednesday: Oct 08, 2014
MANIFESTA 10, St. Petersburg, General Staff Building


Rage Is A Terrible Thing to Waste
A curated video program

Rage Is A Terrible Thing to Waste was conceived as a part of MANIFESTA 10 On Board

MANIFESTA 10 On Board brought together three hundred artists, students, and arts professionals from the Nordic and Baltic region to address the context in which MANIFESTA 10 is presented and the issues related to its presence in Russia. On Board participants examined Russia’s socio-cultural and political impact on MANIFESTA 10 through discussion on the topic of censorship/self-censorship.

Through a selection of Youtube videos, FRANK explored the collision between varied verbal, visual and social languages. The program attempted to visualize powers that render some people invincible, concealing the violence performed by structures defining the traditional, the accepted, and the normal. The control of information has a crack in its wall. Who are we to feel normal tonight?

The curated video program Rage Is a Terrible Thing to Waste took rage as its starting point, unfolding diverse articulations of anger in search for a language. Pointing to the seclusive nature of the seminar, FRANK only screen material available beyond borders, material that has nurtured the political imagination of the platform.

Pussy Riot-Punk Prayer.mp4
In My Language by Mel Baggs
A Fire in My Belly (full version) - The work that was censored by the Smithsonian by David Wojnarowicz
David Wojnarowicz discusses arts funding
Poetry Spots: Eileen Myles reads "An American Poem"
Octopus vulgaris
Sans Soleil - 'Women have an inbuilt grain of indestructibility'
Jean Genet BBC Channel Four Arena
Chinawoman - Show Me The Face (with lyrics)


FRANK participated in the Manifesta 10 On Board Seminar on invitation from OCA, Office of Contemporary Art Norway.