# 2012
Fuel for the Fire


The publication appeared in the show Fuel for the Fire organized by Dawn Kasper in collaboration with  Jay Sanders and David Zwirner in New York, July 2012.

Review, Gallerist NY

FRANK's first publication took form as a woodcut-print. The print depicts a handwritten passage by the Norwegian poet Kristin Berget from the book "Der ganze Weg."



KRISTIN BERGET, born in 1975, lives in Drøbak. Berget made her debut in 2007 with a collection of poems called "loosing louise". In 2009, she published her second book, "Der ganze Weg". The books have been translated to Swedish and Polish. In 2012 she was the Nordic candidate for the "European Poet of Freedom Award". Berget has studied at Litterär Gestaltning in Gothenburg. Since 2010, she has been the editor of Signaler and in 2012 she was the artist director of Harpefoss Poetry Festival. In the same year she was awarded Tanums Kvinnestipend.