The residency is a located in an
old worker’s home at Grorud
in Oslo. If you are interested in
staying at the residency,
please send us an email.

Since 2012 FRANK has been nomadic, realizing projects in a wide range of contexts. The nomadism enabled us to be flexible, as well as sensitive in terms to time and space for our projects, but all along we had a desire to find a physical place to nurture our initiatives. In 2016 we started working towards a home for FRANK in the form of a residency. We wanted to be able to grant our new and old collaborators the opportunity to develop their projects. In September 2016 we started the residency at Grorud, in the suburbs of Oslo. The residency is in an old worker’s home apartment, and is newly refurbished as a part of Grorudalssatsningen. The residents are invited for both short and long stays, but projects and residents that have a local connection, or are directly involving FRANK, are prioritized.