Saturday 5pm: Sep 01, 2012
Osterhausgate 12, Oslo


Conversations, magazines, music and potluck with
Jessica Gysel & GIRLS LIKE US Magazine

Ever changing borders, formats, and je ne sais pas quoi of utterly boring lesbian, straight and feminist cliches past and beyond, Girls Like Us magazine is an international, independent magazine focusing on great personalities and unique visions, people who manage to live their lives on their own terms, changing society from within. Girls Like Us started out as a queer/lesbian publication, but over the years it has opened up to feature interesting women in general, all the while sticking to its lesbian roots.


JESSICA GYSEL has a history of writing and presenting contemporary herstory, since founding the magazine KUTT in 2002, a lesbian version of the gay magazine BUTT. In 2005 Girls Like Us was founded by Jessica Gysel and Kathrin Hero as an antidote to the vanilla representation of contemporary lesbian culture: where's the fun, the wink, the subversiveness and the class? Linking the subversive to art, fashion, music, film and writing, the magazine explores a unique area within present women's way of living, thinking and doing. It is published two times a year and is now run by Jessica Gysel and Vela Arbutina.


The two most recent issues of Girls Like Us have featured people like Alice Carey, Anna Franceschini, Lizzie Fitch, Devin Blair, Kim Gordon, Annika Henderson, Melanie Bonajo, Marie Branellec, Elizabeth Orr, Holli Smith, Joke Robaard, Litia Perta, Marie Karlberg, Vava Dudu, Theo Mercier, Tavi Gevinson and Diane Pernet, Keren Cytter and Dafna Maimon, Lauren Flax and Lauren Dillard, Kaisa Lassinaro, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy, Leilah Weinraub, Benjamin A. Huseby, Eline McGeorge, Janis Pōnisch, Anie Stanley, Andrea Ferrer and Devrim Bayar.