Wednesday 7pm: Dec 18, 2013
Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo


Mathias Danbolt introduces
To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe
in Recognition of their Desperation

A film by Pauline Boudry / Renate Lorenz

Six performers are following the score To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of their Desperation, which the composer Pauline Oliveros wrote in 1970 after reading the text Scum Manifesto by Valerie Solanas. The piece To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of their Desperation values the unpredictable and unknowable possibilities that might be activated by not specifying pitches and rhythms. The instructions are chosen in order to insist on "a continuous circulation of power" (Oliveros) between listening and sounding - a give and take that requires, as Oliveros says, an unusual attention to the relationship between oneself and others. The work poses the question of the possibilities and limits of politics of musical and filmic forms. Can sounds, rhythms and light produce queer relations? Can they become revolutionary?


To Valerie Solanas And Marilyn Monroe
In Recognition Of Their Desperation

2013.18 min
Super 16mm film / HD
Performance: Rachel Aggs, Peaches, Catriona Shaw, Verity Susman, Ginger Brooks Takahashi, William Wheeler




have collaborated since 1998 and their work has been extensively exhibited internationally. Their work reflects on the interplay of sexuality, sexual perversions and representation, continuously returning to unrepresented or illegible moments in history. Recent solo shows include CAPC, Bordeaux (2013), Fort Worth Contemporary Arts (2013), Badischer Kunstverein (2013), Karlsruhe, Les Complices , Zürich (2013), Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers (Paris Triennale) (2012); Swiss off-site Pavilion, as part of Chewing the Scenery, Venice Biennale (2011); Les Complices, Zurich (2010); Centre d’Art Contemporain, Geneva (2010).

MATHIAS DANBOLT is a Norwegian art theorist and queer critic based in Copenhagen. He holds a PhD in Art History from the University of Bergen with the dissertation Touching History: Art, Performance and Politics in Queer Times (2013). Danbolt is the founding editor of Trikster: Nordic Queer Journal and co-editor of the book Lost and Found: Queerying the Archive (2009). His work on contemporary visual art and performance, queer temporalities and the politics of history, LGBT and queer feminist art and theory, have been published in anthologies including Temporal Drag (2010), Chewing the Scenery (2011), and Performing Archives/Archives of Performance (2013). Danbolt is an associate professor of Art History at University of Copenhagen, Denmark.