Jul 14 – 20, 2014
Skomvær Lighthouse, Northern Norway


A week-long gathering of 11 artists,
curators and theorists at Skomvær Lighthouse

Vika Begalskaya (RU)
Katarina Bonnevier (SE)
Liv Bugge (NO)
Kajsa Dahlberg (SE)
Malene Dam (DK)
Mathias Danbolt (NO/DK)
Berivan Erdogan (NO)
Ester Fleckner (DK)
Sille Storihle (NO)
Elijah Yakovenko (RU/UA)
Elin Øyen Vister (NO)

In 1896, the Norwegian suffragette and photographer Marie Høeg established the first Norwegian discussion group for women called Den Selskabelige Diskussionforening, translated into English as The Sociable Association for Discussion. Out of a need to gather women to discuss the questions of the day, at the turn of the last century, the association was formed.

Inspired by Den Selskabelige Diskussionforening, FRANK gathered a group of artists, curators, architects and theorists to discuss gender issues of today from the Nordic countries and Russia. FRANK was interested in exploring the meaning of “queer” in the Cap of the North and to facilitate for an exchange regarding the the historic, political and artistic intricacies of this area.

The weeklong salon was held at Skomvær Fyr in the Lofoten islands in Northern Norway. Elin Øyen Vister and the artist residency Røst AiR hosted the group. The surroundings at lighthouse at Skomvær island generated a unique dialogue organized around the participants’ own work and research, and will function as a model for future salons.

Supported by Nordland Fylkeskommune