Dec 18, 2016
Kunstnernes Hus Cinema, Oslo


The Rules for Everything and Kim Hiorthøy
Screening & Conversation

On Sunday, December 18, we have invited the Norwegian artist Kim Hiorthøy to screen his first feature film, The Rules for Everything (2016). This screening is the second event in a year-long series of monthly salons dedicated to Scandinavian artists and filmmakers, with the aim of showing their work and learning about their methods.

The Rules for Everything is a simple comedy about the difficult questions in life. After her father disappears and her mother starts making instructional videos with an Eastern European self-help guru, the ten-year-old Storm is left to decide for herself which rules in life are crucial for her world not to fall apart.

For the past fifteen years, Kim Hiorthøy has moved freely between art, film, choreography, graphic design, music, and text, shifting between various communities and networks. His indiscriminate relationship to the arts is often characterized by subtle humor and attention to detail. Hiorthøy’s chameleonic practice, working with and across traditions and conventions, is the starting point for the conversation between Hiorthøy and FRANK after the screening of the film.

The cinema premiere of the The Rules for Everything will be on January 27, 2017. The screening at Kunstnernes Hus is organized in collaboration with Arthaus.